Episode 62

Published on:

2nd Apr 2024

Ep 62. Spring Clean Your Business: 6 Ways to Refresh Your Online Service Business

It's springtime. And you might be planning to spring clean your home, but you can also spring clean your business. Business spring cleaning can be simple and in this episode I share 6 different categories that can benefit from a business refresh. You can think of this as your business cleaning checklist.



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About the Podcast

The Mom CEO Suite: Work Life Balance & Business Strategies for Mompreneurs
Life and business strategies to help stay at home mom entrepreneurs thrive at the intersection of motherhood and entrepreneurship
Motherhood gets hard. Entrepreneurship gets hard. But together, we can do hard things.

I'm your host Phylica! Wife, mom and entrepreneur. I'm the Founder & Podcast Host of The Mom CEO Suite. In August 2021, I had my first child and life changed! It was no longer business as usual. I had to learn how to navigate this new norm of being a work from home mom, on top of entrepreneurship. As you can imagine, it was a challenge. This sparked my passion for helping to make life and business work together for mom entrepreneurs.

In this podcast, I'll be sharing my mompreneur journey, along with strategies that will help you build your service based business model online in a sustainable way. The goal is to help you build a business that fits into your lifestyle as a mom who values putting family first.

We will also hear the experiences and expertise of other moms with service based businesses. You'll get a peek into our journeys, so you'll know you aren't alone.

Visit us online: https://www.themomceosuite.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/themomceosuite

At The Mom CEO Suite, position mompreneurs to experience work life harmony and spend more time with family while still having a successful service business.
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Phylicia Pough

For over 10 years, Phylicia has been behind the scenes of businesses and ministries, keeping things organized. Her journey started in Administration and developed into Operations & Automation Consulting

Her latest venture is The Mom CEO Suite which is a community for the modern day mom in business. In addition to curating experiences and safe spaces for mompreneurs, we automate business & podcasting processes for mompreneur service providers.

In her spare time, Phylicia loves to travel, read and sip tea.